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Wednesday March 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Saturday May 05, 2018 at 12:00 PM
Friday May 04, 2018 at 4:00 PM
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Saturday May 05, 2018 at 9:00 AM



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Eligibility. The Invention Convention Program is open to student’s grades K-12 in the state of Florida.  Each district or approved student organization is solely responsible for choosing its student representatives for the State Invention & Entrepreneurship Competition. There are a limited number of entry slots for each district/student organization. Students may compete as an individual or as part of a team of 2, but not both. Students who are family members of FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION or Contractors ARE eligible to participate and win but CANNOT be granted cash or scholarship prizes. Students who are family members of employees of FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION Sponsors ARE eligible to compete and win cash and scholarship prizes. Invention Convention award winners from previous years may compete again but entering a completely new invention. 


Registration Deadline. Students selected to represent their district or student organization must complete the Official Invention Convention Student Registration by the deadline, details of which will be provided ONLY through the Squadron Leader (teacher) each year. Registration must be completed in its entirety for a student to be eligible to participate. It is the responsibility of the student and parent or guardian to complete their registration fully no later than 5:00 PM on designated deadline day. There will be no extensions or exceptions to the registration deadline. Registration instruction/deadlines will be published 2-4 weeks in advance of the deadline.

Event Day - Badges/credentials are picked up upon check in; prior to Prototype set-up. Event Day details will be emailed to teachers and parents and will be posted on the “Events” page at Prototypes must be completely set up by the established deadline.


Participation Requirements

1) Participants must be present in person to participate. No stand-ins.  Live video is not accepted as “in person.”

2) K-8 participants are required to complete a Student Journal. High School students are required to create a Log Book, documenting their invention process and including the steps of: Identifying, Understanding, Ideating, Designing, Building, Testing and Communicating. Teams complete only need complete one Journal or Log Book but must include both signatures. The Journal/Log Book is a necessary step to document each participant’s creative process and is weighed heavily in the judges’ evaluation process. K-8 students should use the “official” Invention Convention Program Student Journal, available online at: or create their own Journal as long as it contains the prototype requirements, necessary signatures and all elements of the “official” journal. The Journal/Log Book must be present for the judge’s review at the competition.

3) Students must create a Model of their invention. The model does not have to work but must illustrate how the invention would work if it were operational. Models must be limited in size to fit on a 2’ X 3’ table top. Electricity will NOT be available to inventors at the convention. Students may use batteries. Backboards or other presentation materials are not required but are suggested. Models must be fully set-up at each student or team’s assigned booth within the designated set up time as detailed on the event day schedule. Parents/guardians and family members may set up the model for their children. Students do not have to personally set up their inventions.


Judging and Evaluation: Judging will consist of the implementation of judge circles, where there is a minimum of two judges in each circle and typically 8-10 inventor peers. Each inventor (or team) will have the opportunity to share information about their invention and invention process, followed by questions from their peers and judges. Students must be present for their assigned judging period to be eligible to win. Only students and judges are permitted in judging area during judging. Student Invention/ Judging areas are open for public view only after Official Judging. The awards ceremony/scholarship presentation will take place per event day schedule. Participants will be judged in their grade level or grade level range. Evaluations will be based student interviews, the invention itself, supporting materials and the individual student or team presentation of the invention.


Students will be evaluated on: 1) Communication, 2) Process, 3) Research, 4) Results. Student scores are not published and are the property of the FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION. Inventions will be evaluated against other inventions presented at the finals and against award winners from previous years, but not against the total pool of inventions from prior years. All judges’ decisions are final.


Awards: Awards may consist of a Grand Prize Award, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each grade category or grade grouping. Awards and award values are subject to change without notice.


Student winners and their parents/guardians will be required to provide certain information to the FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION to receive their prize and may be responsible for any associated tax as a result of accepting the prize. Paperwork will be available at the state event. Parents/guardians have 30 days from the state competition to submit their student’s completed paperwork in accordance with the instructions provided on event day. Paperwork not completed by the 30-day deadline will be forfeited.  For team entries, both members must be present both at judging and at the time the awards are announced for both team members to be eligible for scholarships and other prizes. Awards won by team entries will be divided equally between the team members. For winning teams, each team member must complete applicable paperwork by the 30-day deadline.  Additional prizes may be awarded at each event in the form of certificates or gift cards. Students/parents/guardians are wholly responsible for safeguarding these prizes. The FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION cannot reissue lost or stolen prizes.

Additional prizes may be awarded at each event in the form of certificates or gift cards. Students/parents/guardians are wholly responsible for safeguarding these prizes. The FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION cannot reissue lost or stolen prizes.


Intellectual Property Rights. The FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION does not profit in any way from any invention submitted by participants. FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION, its affiliates, sponsors, board members and officers have no rights, privileges or interest in any invention idea submitted as part of the Invention Convention Program. Participants are cautioned that the event, and specifically the awards ceremony, is open to the public. As a result - all inventions will be deemed to be “publicly disclosed” at the convention, which may make it necessary for participant inventors to take steps to secure certain intellectual property rights in their inventions. “Public disclosure” is defined as the time any idea has been offered in an open environment. The FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION strives to highlight additional resources that can assist students, teachers and parents with the protection of their intellectual property and has involved the US Patent and Trademark Office in the convention project. Please contact your teacher for more information. In addition, the Patent and Trademark Office website,, provides helpful information. However, the FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION makes no representations, expressed or implied, regarding the protection of participants’ intellectual property. All participants that wish to protect their invention assume sole responsibility for securing intellectual property rights.


Photo Release: Participants must obtain parental permission – via parent/guardian signature on FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION’s Official Invention Convention Program Registration Form or the approved online registration system to be eligible to compete for scholarship prizes. By signing this registration form or completing the online registration for their student - the parent/guardian permits reasonable use of their child’s name, photograph, or likeness, image, voice and/or interview, in all manner and media existing now or in the future; including the sale of likeness as donations for purposes of program fundraising; releasing The FLORIDA INVENTION CONVENTION, sponsors and promotional partners from any and all claims, liabilities and/or damages arising directly or indirectly out of their participation.


These rules are subject to change as needed and without notice.

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Welcome to the Florida Invention Convention!! 


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Public Display

As this is an online only competition, there will be no open house.

The Independent Inventor Competition is an online event to qualify inventors to attend the National Invention Convention & Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE). 






Agriculture (Food, Machinery, Tools), Pets, and Animal Care
Consumer Goods and Fashion
Earth and Geosciences
Education (Technology, Systems, Tools, Hardware
Government/Public Safety
Health and Medical Technology
Home Organization
Home Technology, Smart Homes, Appliances
Household Tools
Sports, Games, Entertainment, and Toys
Transportation/Financial Infrastructure

Judging Criteria

Please follow this link to see the Judging Criteria.  NICEE 2018: Judging Criteria

For instructions on creating your video, follow this link:  Video Instructions

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